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The Terms and Conditions mentioned herewith are to be read very carefully as these would serve as the guiding principles regarding the use of this site and also the foundation for the ‘Agreement’ between the user and ‘Printer Support’. These terms and conditions also mentioned as ‘Terms of Use’ at various places will be the guiding document for all the policies of this site. It mentions the formal, legal, and technical requirements for using this site and explicitly describes the relationship user holds with Printer Support. All other policies should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.

This Terms and Condition document explains in detail the important information such as how long would the agreement between the user and Printer Support last. the prevailing conditions and fees for premature termination of the contract, Printer Support’s sole discretion to change the conditions, liabilities, limitations, scope, privacy, settlement of disputes, arbitration clauses, etc. from time to time. In case you choose to accept this agreement, it would imply that you agree to accept all the conditions without any prejudice and abide by the rules stated conditions. These conditions will be applicable on all the services and plans and provided by us.

The Terms and Conditions herewith shall be applicable along with all the additional conditions applicable for the individual plan selected by you. These conditions are applicable on the whole agreement. For using our services it is mandatory to accept these ‘Terms and Conditions’ in their exact same form. In case, you do not agree to any of these conditions, then you cannot avail the services provided by us and you are advised to leave the site immediately. The plans chosen by will only come in effect once you have received a written confirmation from us through email.


Any kind of information available on the site including ‘Software’, ‘Tool’, ‘Material’, ‘Services’, and other such things shall be termed as ‘Content’ and is Copyright protected.

‘You’ or ‘you’

‘You’ on Printer Support is a comprehensive term used to denote, the user whether it is an ‘individual’, ‘entity’ or ‘organization’ acting on anyone else’s behalf.

‘Printer Support’

’Printer Support’ is the trademark of and it is a Technical Service Providers for all problems faced in using your products and services.

‘Trained and Certified Technicians’

All the ‘Trained and Certified Technicians mentioned on Printer Support’ website carry a certification from the internal training and certification team of Printer Support and may or may not carry any other certification and any mention of that would be inconsequential.

‘Subscription Based Plans’

‘Subscription Based Plans’ offered by ‘Printer Support’ are valid for the offered time period as specifically mentioned during the time of ‘Agreement’ and cannot be used as an incident based plan.


The term ‘Services’ mentioned anywhere on Printer Support site mean the services offered by us for resolving the technical issues faced in your Laptop, computer windows, emails, networking sites, etc.

‘Phone Support’

Printer Support provides technical support through phone support. In case you face any technical issue you will be provided step by step instruction for quick resolution of the issue.

‘Remote Access’

Remote Access is one of the fastest way to provide technical support to the users. ‘Printer Support’ team may provide you technical assistance by taking ‘Remote Access’ of your device. In case of ‘Remote Access’ the support team members will procure you permission prior to the whole procedure. In the event of ‘Remote Access’ you will always be able to monitor the actions being performed on your system and you will always have the authority to monitor all the actions being taken on your system and also to overtake them whenever required. However, ‘Printer Support’ ensures that the access of the support team members remains restricted to diagnostic level only through special tools. We value the safety and security of your data very highly and ensure that it remains a top priority.

Submission of Plan Orders & Service Plans

The USERS are requested to kindly understand the difference between ordering a plan and the time taken to actually bring it into effect. Any Subscription plan ordered by you takes time to come into effect and till the time you get a written confirmation from ‘Printer Support’ regarding the Service Plan coming into effect it cannot be considered as ‘active’. Once you order a plan the process will be initiated and you will soon receive a written confirmation of plan being active. At time point you can consider yourself as a registered user of our services. We will not be responsible for any damages caused to you by not getting the services by the time your account hasn’t become active. In case of urgent need of service you can take the ‘Incident Plan’.


Printer Support is committed to take every step to resolve the technical problems faced by you till it is commercially feasible and reasonable. Our highly trained and experienced technical support team will put their level best efforts to resolve the issues. In case it is not resolvable by them same shall be intimated to you and you will be liable to claim a refund as per our ‘Refund Policy’


All services provided by ‘Printer Support’ will only come in effect once the payment for the same has been made. The payments shall be made in favour of ‘Printer Support’.

It is to be clearly understood by the user that some services offered by ‘Printer Support’ may carry ‘Service Fee’ and/ or ‘Activation Fee’ which may be payable on monthly or recurring basis as per explicitly mentioned in the plan. In case of subscription plan the user shall be required to pay the monthly plan fee in advance prior to the commencement of the plan. In the unfortunate event that the user chooses to surrender the plan as per specifications the activation fee in all cases shall remain non-refundable. All fee shall remain payable prior to the commencement of the services.