Printer Support is a customer centric company and follows a simple policy of trustworthy and reliable service. We are committed to provide you complete satisfaction from our services and in any unfortunate event when we aren’t able to completely address the problem faced by you we are fully committed to reimburse you in that case. Our refund policy in the specific conditions would be:

In case you have availed a subscription based plan, in an unforeseen and rare event that our support team is not able to resolve even a single technical issue faced by you in spite of having the pre-requisites for providing the support within a 30 days period of taking the plan a full refund will be initiated to you. But, in case one or more issues have been successfully resolved then you wouldn’t remain eligible for the refund of the subscription fee.

In case you have availed an Incident based plan, you will eligible for a refund if the following conditions are met:

In spite of having all the prerequisites for availing the support and having an active account the support team was unsuccessful in resolving the problems faced by you.

The issue encountered by you was completely out of the scope of the plan.

Printer Support believes in providing sustained services and in case the same problem which was addressed by our support team has resurfaced again within a time period of 30 days you’ll be eligible for a refund. Just write to us at or call our technical support team for rework on the issue.