This privacy Policy document is the guide to explain the manner in which we at Printer Support use any information provided by you during the course of providing our technical support service.

Printer Support is committed to protect the privacy of its customers and that’s why we assure you that any information provided to us will never be misused. We uphold the trust bestowed upon us and use the information provided by you just to identify our customer base for providing better product and services in future. Whatever information is provided by you on this site will always be used in accordance to this privacy policy alone.

It is to be understood by users that Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time as per the requirements and the prevailing laws. Whenever such a change takes place it will be updated here for the user’s information. The users are requested to check the privacy policy from time to time to keep themselves abreast of the current policies. Any information gathered from the users on the site shall be used in the following manner.

Personal Information: The personal information is gathered to maintain a channel of communication and identification of users and hence we will require simple information from you like your first and the last name, email address, postal address, identification proof, etc. as per requirement. This information is collected for the sole purpose of identifying and contacting you in case you register on our site. This information is used for contacting you in future for technical support purposes. It also helps you in informing our new plans and policies and we can also update you about our new promotional offers and services along with notifications about renewals or re-registrations. If you participate in any surveys, contests, promotional offers, etc. organized by us then you give us the permission to gather this specific personal information for identification.

Payment Information: In case you choose to avail the technical services of Printer Support, you will be required to make the payment through online channels and hence we may collect Credit Card information or other payment mode verification. Printer Support uses secure third party payment authorization channels for processing the payments which are safe and secure. You can make the payments through the options provided to you. Printer Support may use this payment information to process your transaction. However, we would like to reassure you that any payment information with us will be used only for record purposes and will not be misused in any way in future.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files which can be very helpful in providing relevant services to you as these help in identifying you properly. Cookies are tiny files which are installed on your system after your approval. These cookies help in analyzing traffic on the site and also various other demographic factors so that proper services can be provided to the users. Cookies on your system will help us in identifying you and provide customized plans and services according to your needs and reduce your work and fastens the whole procedure of using our website.

Traffic log cookies are used by us to identify the pages visited by you so that we can streamline the support process and provide you better and faster service. It is a great help to us as we can identify the pages frequently visited by our users so that we can provide you better and faster service. The use of these cookies is only for statistical and analytical purposes only and once the studies are complete this data is cleaned from the system.

To sum it up cookies are helpful in providing you better services without requiring you to input each and every information again and again and hence solve the motto of our site of being fast and helpful in all respects. It helps us greatly in improving our services by knowing what is most useful for our users and what they find the most interesting so that the whole site can be modelled on the same structure. By allowing the use of our cookies doesn’t make us access your system in anyway, and it doesn’t give us any other data than the once which you choose to share with us. We would like to reassure you that the cookies used by us are completely safe and would never compromise with the safety of your system and data or breach your privacy.

Accepting or declining any web cookie is entirely upon discretion and you will always be free to make that choice. If your browser is set to automatically accept cookies then you can modify the settings so that it asks you for permission before installing any cookie. However, in the even you choose to decline our cookies it may lengthen the process of getting faster support and assistance and properly utilizing the site.


Printer Support is clearly understand the security concerns of its users and values them highly. We fiercely guard any personal or financial information provided by you through physical, electronic and managerial procedures so that the information provided by you always remains safe and secure. The information provided by you will always be used only in the ways expressly written by us in this privacy policy document.

However, in case you choose to unsubscribe from our updates or promotions you can easily do the same by simply dropping us an email at

Any information provided by you during your visit to our site or registration is kept secured and is treated with utmost confidentiality. This information is only used for sending you updates or promotional purposes and in no case sold or distributed to third parties. This information can only be shared with law enforcement agencies as per prevailing law and satisfactory evidence that doing so is mandatory.

At any point of time you can enquire about the personal information collected by us under the Data Protection Act 1998 upon payment of a small procedural fee. In case you require a copy of the same kindly write to

Should you require any change in the information provided to us or want to make a suitable amendment in it you can update us about the same on We will promptly comply with your amendments and make the appropriate changes.